Minimum impact practices:

  • Help keep Canyon Country clean.
  • Tread lightly when traveling and leave no trace of your camping.
  • Drive and ride only on roads and trails where such travel is allowed.
  • Hike only on established trails, on rock, or in washes.
  • Do not remove, damage, or destroy archaeological, historical, or ecological resources, or cause damage to the natural or cultural resources.
  • Admire rock art from a distance and never touch it.
  • Stay out of ruins, leave artifacts in place, and report violations.
  • Make campfires only in fire pans and limit the use of gathered wood for campfires to driftwood found along river banks and beaches.
  • Please check if there are fire bans in place.
  • Travel within visual contact, and camp together as a group. No boats may be sent ahead to secure campsites.
  • Camp at designated sites, or at previously used sites. Avoid placing tents on top of vegetation.
  • Use a camp stove instead of making a campfire.
  • Use a tarp under the kitchen to reduce the amount of food particles left on the beach.
  • Carry all charcoal, fire ash, garbage, dishwater particles, pet waste (where pets are allowed), and solid human waste out of the area.
  • Secure food, garbage and supplies so that wind and wildlife cannot create litter.
  • Please urinate in river.
  • Keep side canyon streams and springs free of soap and other contaminants.
  • Allow space for wildlife. When encountering wildlife, maintain your distance and remain quiet.
  • Keep pets under control, where allowed.
  • All vessels must comply with federal and state laws preventing the spread of non-native, aquatic species.


You may be roughing it, but no one wants a gastrointestinal illness. Hand washing before preparing food and after using the toilet is super important. Setup a 4 bucket dish system below the high water mark to sanitize dishes.

  • Bucket 1, scrap off plates
  • Bucket 2, hot soapy water
  • Bucket 3, hot water rinse
  • Bucket 4, cold water bleach sanitizer
  • Use dish strainer to catch all residue when cleaning out buckets


All of our sections of river require a toilet, or wag bags. Groovers are available for rent and wag bags are for sale at our office. When feasible, place the toilet near the river's edge to encourage urination in the river. The hand washing system and the hand soap should be placed close by.

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